It’s crayfish season at Plaj!

While we may not celebrate outside with paper hats and lanterns, we do give our guests some great Louisiana Signal Crayfish shipped to us LIVE as part of our own version of kräftskiva.

Traditionally the crayfish parties are held outside in August, with paper hats, paper lanterns, paper tablecloths, celebrated with friends and family. This year, we simply couldn’t help ourselves. We brought the party inside and offer a few selections from the Swedish Crayfish Boil, a Crayfish Soup, to a Crayfish & Scallop Ceviche. You can still enjoy with friends and family, but unlike parties outside, there will be no mosquitos invited!

Our Louisiana Signal Crayfish is shipped to us fresh and alive. We then make a fantastic brine full of krondill as tradition would dictate. Giving the crayfish the best and most authentic flavor that every Swede remembers from the old world. Served cold, with a saffron aioli, eaten with your fingers, the taste is phenomenal. With this dish, we have a tasty Vasterbotten Pie, and a slice of fresh local lemon that completes the whole dish.

Our second offering this year is a fantastic Crayfish Soup that comes with cognac cream and house-made rye crouton. A quite popular dish naturally, guest’s have started with this in keeping with the theme of kraftskiva – moving on to the traditional Swedish Crayfish Boil.

Another fantastic dish we are presenting this year is the Crayfish & Scallop Ceviche. Made with delicious nettles, fresh avocado and chili, it is sure to please those who want something light, bright, with flavors representative of our local cuisine.

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