A stop in Copenhagen Denmark is not complete until you visit one of the most famous restaurants in the world, NOMA. Listed as “The World’s Best Restaurant” in 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2014, it retains its 2-Star Michelin award into 2015.

With a 16 course tasting menu, foodies the world over, the adventurous, curious far and wide, and even locals clamour to get in to taste their extraordinary “New Nordic” cuisine at least once in their life.

The highlight of the trip to Denmark for Chef Owner Roberth and Andrea Sundell was to not only experience and taste some of the old world customs and flavors, but also to see how NOMA takes ingredients integral to the Scandinavian flavor profile and integrate classic dishes with a modern influence. The best dishes are not just ones that are well known, but are constantly improved on without sacrificing the character of what made them special to begin with. NOMA does just that, takes the best, and makes it better.

At NOMA, the moment you walk in, you are greeted with a happy, hospitable staff. Everyone at NOMA is proud to not only be employed at the well-known establishment, but to give you the best culinary masterpieces in Denmark, if not all of Scandinavia. As such, the entire kitchen will come out to greet you at the door when you walk in.

Course One – Gooseberry Lemon Verbena Rose – Gooseberries are a very traditional element to many Scandinavian dishes.

Course Two – Cabbage Smoked Currant Broth – Keeping with traditional flavor profiles, smoke and currant (a small raisin-like berry) are two flavors that Scandinavians appreciate at home and on the go.

Course Three – Greens (10 different, distinct types of greens mind you) in Scallop Broth – Fresh seafood has always been part of Scandinavian culture, and works well with fresh greens, adding a little wholesome earthy flavor.

Course Four – Milk Curd Danish Peas, Smoked Kelp Seaweed (served cold) – The kelp in this dish is cooked for 3 days prior to serving.

Course Five – Seaweed Herb Paste with Edible Flowers – Scandinavians enjoy land and sea, so dishes that combine floral and root elements with a fresh taste from the sea only take flavors to a new level.

Course Six – Shrimp with Lily Pads

Course Seven – 20 Hour Dried Cabbage & Watercress Purée and Pouched Sunflower – Fresh dried cabbage and greens combine with a nutty floral flavor.

Course Eight – Clam aged 150 years from northern Norway – The ocean has cooked the clam, and made it perfect for eating at this age. As the chef would say, “Stop time, and live in this moment”

Course Nine – Monk Fish Liver – Smoked lightly and served on a crouton of in house bread.

Course Ten – Rose Petals & Beech Nut – Rose Petals combined with Fermented Barley Pumpkin

Course Eleven – Red Sorrel Lobster Broth – Sorrel when in season is one of our guests favorite greens as well, so it is no surprise to see it make its way around the globe.

Course Twelve – Lobster Tail – Seasoned with a lobster head paste. Yes, that means all things in the head are turned into a paste and seasoned on the tail!

Course Thirteen – Black Garlic Leaf with White Currant Paste

Course Fourteen – Bone Marrow – With raw garlic, leek blossom and cooked cabbage. Our own guests love bone marrow, so having this in a new form only inspires us to bring new flavors back to Plaj!

Course Fifteen – Rhubarb Sorrel Compote – as well as a sheep’s milk curd.

Course Sixteen – Berry Dessert from Sweden – served with Icelandic seaweed ice cream and a forest of chocolate.

NOMA has taken the best of old world Scandinavian cuisine, combined elements and ingredients from Iceland, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark into something that has our palates screaming for more! The inspiration of taking fresh roots, vegetables, fruits, land and sea based foods and presenting them alongside aged, fermented and pickled ingredients is a fantastic way to bring audiences to the forum. Tasting heritage and charm but feeling and consuming something well ahead of the curve, bringing to the table the “what’s to come” element of dining, flavors, and presentation is NOMA’s specialty.

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