In June 2012, California officially banned Foie Gras to be farmed in addition to being prepared and served for a charge in all restaurants. From a foodie city like San Francisco, the ban was both celebrated and opposed by many. Many restaurants would prepare and “gift” the delicacy to their customers, while the state looked on with disapproval. The law today is in appeal, however, in January 2015, the courts decided, at least for now, restaurants can serve Foie Gras again while the appeal process takes place.

For us at Plaj, we are happy to present our Foie Gras Terrine to our guests. We believe in creativity, and serving our guests what they crave. You asked for it and we are happy to make it for you.

Made with fresh, figs from Chef Roberth Sundell’s own local garden, delicious chicken skin crackling, hazelnuts and brioche that brings the whole dish together, it is a great starter for your Labor Day holiday weekend. This little slice of heaven is found on our “Dagen” menu tonight. Come in and try it while it lasts!





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